10 Classic Sundresses For Every Body Type (Pear, Apple, Rectangle, Inverted Triangle, Hourglass)

Keep reading to find a collection of 9 classic sundresses for every body type (pear, apple, rectangle, inverted triangle, and hourglass). This article may include affiliate links and we may receive a commission if you place an order.

Ah, the sundress. It’s the femme queen’s quintessential wardrobe staple for warm weather.

When I hear the word “sundress” I immediately think of sun-drenched days, picnics in the park, day parties, and leisurely strolls along the beach.

Yes…the happiest of memories.

But with countless styles and silhouettes out there, finding the perfect sundress for your body type can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

That’s why we’ve curated this collection of classic sundresses that will flatter and enhance each body type.

Whether you’re a pear, apple, rectangle, inverted triangle, or hourglass shape, we’ve got you covered with styles that will make you feel confident and effortlessly chic all summer long.

Get ready to discover your new go-to outfit for every sunny adventure!

How Each Body Type Should Style A Sundress

Pear Body Type

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Pear-shaped beauties, the classic sundress is the perfect option for celebrating your curves! Look for styles that cinch at your natural waist, accentuating your smallest point. (Come on, SNATCHED!) A-line or fit-and-flare silhouettes are your friends, as they’ll beautifully skim over your hips and thighs. Embrace a V-neck or scoop neck to draw attention to your décolletage and create a balanced silhouette that exudes confidence.

Apple Body Type


For apple shapes, the classic sundress offers endless opportunities to showcase your lovely features. Opt for empire waist styles that highlight your bust and flow gracefully over your midsection. V-necklines and vertical details like pleats or stripes can elongate your torso, while playful patterns and bright colors add a touch of personality and fun to your look.

Rectangle Body Type

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Rectangle shapes can use the classic sundress to create a playful and dynamic silhouette. Wrap dresses or belted designs that cinch at the waist will accentuate your waistline and add curves. Embrace ruffles, embellishments, or bold prints to enhance your natural beauty and create a look that’s uniquely you.

Inverted Triangle Body Type

Inverted triangle shapes can effortlessly rock the classic sundress by embracing styles that flow from the bust and have a wider skirt. This will balance your broader shoulders and create a harmonious silhouette. V-necklines and scoop necks can soften your shoulders, while a flared skirt adds movement and grace to your look.

Hourglass Body Type


Hourglass figures, the classic sundress is your ultimate summer staple. Embrace styles that cinch at your waist and flow over your hips, celebrating your gorgeous curves. Sweetheart, scoop, or V-necklines will draw attention to your bust, while fitted bodices and flared skirts create a balanced and feminine silhouette that exudes confidence.

10 Classic Sundresses You’ll Love


This vibrant color looks gorgeous on sun-tanned skin and the V-neck is just low enough for a sexy peek-a-boo moment without being too revealing. And this dress is proof that slits aren’t just for maxi dresses, they look wonderful on short dresses, too! Pair with earth-toned jewelry and a fun wicker basket purse.


The combo of body-length buttons and a thin belt will look chic on anyone! Pair with gold jewelry or the pop of color of your choice (weave the same color through all of your accessories) and a simple black purse to complete the look.


This flowy breathable fabric will have you feeling cool, calm, collected and flirty when it billows around you in the wind! The sheer puffy sleeves are flattering and sexy yet tasteful, and the floral pattern is fun without being childlike.


I am in love with these vibrant colors, the ruching, the detail on the hem, and these bow-tied straps! This dress would be perfect for a day out on a boat! Because the pattern is so “loud”, stick with simple accessories. Let the dress speak for itself.


You can never go wrong with a floral two-toned sundress! The linen-blend material is lightweight and movable but still holds its shape. It’s the perfect dress for running errands or linking with friends for lunch. Pair with gold or apricot-colored jewelry, or throw in some green if you want to do something fun and different!


This sweet pleated violet dress is the perfect way to dress up when you want to stay cool. And it has POCKETS! (Women love pockets) The pleats over the stomach are perfect for keeping you looking snatched and feeling confident. This is a dress you can eat in without worrying about bloating! Pair with a small thin necklace and bracelet to accessorize without overdoing it.

MISA Los Angeles

I love tiered dresses. Their cascading layers and playful movement have become a summer staple in my closet. This tiered silhouette and ruched waistband is effortlessly feminine and flattering on all body types. The multiple rufled layers in the skirt add volume and dimension, while the varying lengths create a dynamic and eye-catching look. Pair with a strappy sandal, long thin necklace, and simple studs for an easy street chic daytime look.

Free People

I LOVE crochet knit patterns! I love the textured 3D effect the material gives the dress. It makes the dress look as alive as you are! This form-hugging outline will make even my fellow rectangle-shaped girlies look curvy and subtle. (Yaaasss ladies!) The varying blends of yellow, green, peach, white, and brown against the black backdrop keeps the eyes moving, so expect people to keep staring at you! The micro thin spaghetti straps draw attention to your neckline and give an ultra-feminine sexy effect even if you don’t have a large bust. Pair with a fun stud or chadelier earring, a choker or thin dainty necklace, and a few bangle bracelets to finish the look.

MISA Los Angeles

Tiered ruffles for the win again…and this time they’re in the sleeves! I think this looks so elegant and can make arms of any size and shape look dainty and beautiful. The ruffles at the waistline and I love the look of the off the shoulder top, but I hate when I have to keep pulling it down all day! Pro Tip: use fashion tape to keep it in place.


This is a little unconventional for a sundress post but I am in LOVE with this denim dress! I love the neckline, the thick straps, the frayed hemline, the pockets, the belt…it’s a whole vibe, for real! This is a daytime dress that can be worn while you’re out shopping, to brunch, or just around the house. Be careful though, denim tends to get extremely hot. Save this for a day with a breeze.


With these 9 classic sundresses, you have a versatile and stylish foundation for your summer wardrobe. Remember, the most important factor is choosing a dress that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Embrace your body shape, experiment with different styles, and have fun expressing your personal style through these timeless pieces.

So go ahead, grab your favorite sundress, slip on some sandals, and soak up the sun in style!

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