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12 Nail Art Designs You’ll Love – June 26, 2024

We’re back with another nail art highlight! Keep reading to get nail art design inspiration for your next trip to the salon!


I am OBSESSED with these! I probably would never get them myself because I prefer shorter, simple, daintier nails, but I LOVE looking at these!! I think the little gel bubbles are such a fun accent that gives the nails character and texture. The kind of sunset-purple-ombre at the base of the nail bed is an interesting and unique technique that I’ve never seen before. And my favorite part is the fuschia, neon green, sky blue, and lavender color blend with the lava waves. Those are some of my favorite colors to combine, and I think she did it masterfully. These are DEFINITELY a conversation starter…no one can ignore these!

Created by @setzbysimmone on IG

I LOVE frosted nails. I think they are so beautiful and elegant, and, as nerdy as it seems, they always remind me of something out of Frozen LOL. I also love how dainty the blue daisies look. The choice to keep them in a shade of blue that almost blends in with the frosted base makes the design feminine without looking childish. And the small strip of gold is the perfect way to add some flare while keeping it relatively simple. This design is perfect for anyone who’s a bit more reserved and likes a classy look that isn’t boring.

Pro Tip: If you’re curious about how to get the frosted effect, use a semi-transparent polish and then finish with a matte polish.

Created by @alinahoyonailartist on IG

This a beautiful example of a perfect color combo! I’m a big fan of bold neon colors, but sometimes having a handful of LOUD can be overwhelming. Choosing to have 3 nails with a bold color and minimal design and 2 nails with more design detail in more muted colors is a great way to create balance. The decision to add the neon pink polka dots was a great way to make the whole hand feel cohesive, and the rainbow flower was a great touch of fun.

Created by @alinahoyonailartist on IG

I love these! They remind me of when charm bracelets, anklets, and lanyards were a big deal in the 90s and early 2000s. And this design is relatively easy to recreate because all you have to do is buy some charms you like and glue them on. Having a nude base color keeps the attention on the charms and prevents the design from looking tacky.

If you’re looking for some cute charms for your next set, try these and these.

Created by @nailartbyjen on IG

Ombre pastels and floral designs are always sure to be a hit. I especially like that each nail has its own unique version of the ombre blend, which is fun while also creating a uniform look. It’s also a smart choice to give one finger on each hand the more elaborate design, in this case the middle fingers, and framing it with simpler designs on each of the neighboring fingers.

Created by @hnnailsbyhoney ⁠on IG

3D fruit nails? How fun! These are the perfect summertime-themed nails to wipe out for your next picnic or beach party. I especially love how Jen chose to go with lemon stickers and watermelon colors. Just looking at these makes me want to go eat!

Created by @nailartbyjen on IG

I love the blend of neon yellow and fuschia on the tips of 2 fingers per hand, and I love that she switched up which fingers got the design on each hand. The yellow made what-would-have-been cute but boring nails funky and fun.

Created by @hnnailsbyhoney ⁠on IG

You really can’t go wrong with a rainbow set with glittery color blends. Sometimes less definitely is more.

Created by @h.nails.85 on IG

Ya know, I’m starting to notice a trend here…I really don’t like pink but this color blend is ALWAYS a win for me! I especially love how the square tip design was created to look like she almost attached it to the top of an almond nail. They look like 2 separate pieces to me, which is cool. And, as you know, I love a good frosted clear design. And the strategically-placed iridescent gems really brought it all together.

Created by @hnnailsbyhoney ⁠on IG

I love the magical, mystical starry night trend. They’re so vibrant and full of personality, even though they’re made with darker colors. It’s a great choice if you want an eye-catching design without going color-crazy.

Created by @h.nails.85 on IG

Cobalt blue Disney-themed nails are ALWAYS a fan favorite, especially when they feature Dory! “I shall call you my Squishy.”

Created by @hnnailsbyhoney ⁠on IG

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