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5 Chic & Comfy Outfits You’ll Want To Recreate

Tap in for your daily street style inspiration and learn how you can recreate some of the outfits I’m loving right now.

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Image Credit: @julitha.kabete on Instagram

First, can we talk about how absolutely STUNNING Julitha is??? My goodness, she is unreal! (And no, it’s not the editing…she’s really this beautiful!)

Moving on, this outfit is a perfect example of the word “elegance”. The ankle-length accordion-pleated skirt pairs beautifully with the double breasted off-the-shoulder top. I love the top’s slightly twisted collar and the white and cream color combo.

Opting for simple gold earrings and high heel sandals as accessories was a great call. When your outfit looks this elegant, less is more in the jewelry department. Choosing simple jewelry keeps the attention on the clothing and prevents you from looking garish.

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Image Credit: @cecile_gvch on Instagram
Image Credit: @cecile_gvch on Instagram

This outfit is simple, easy to put together, comfortable, and effortlessly chic! It’s perfect for a day out in the town, when the sun is hot and blazing but you still want to look cool 😎 or if you’re going for a nice boat ride with some friends. If you’re someone who tends to get sunburned a lot, this light linen fabric is great way to protect your skin from the sun while still allowing you to feel the coolness of a blowing breeze. And, while they’re my least favorite part of the look, the shoes are perfect if you’re doing a lot of walking and don’t want to deal with aching feet.

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Image Credit: @couldbecel on Instagram
Image Credit: @couldbecel on Instagram

I LOVE baggy graffiti cargo pants and sweatpants! They’re one of the most fun and versatile items in streetwear. You get to be insanely comfortable AND look like the coolest kid in school without even trying! The only thing is that they rarely ever stay in stock, so it’s pretty hard to find a design you see in a photo online. But not to worry, because there are plenty of different styles all across the web!

Pair with a crop top or bodysuit on a hot day or a sweatshirt or hoodie on a cold one and you’re all set.

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Image Credit: @mialuckie on Instagram
Image Credit: @mialuckie on Instagram

Another cozy chic look for the days when it’s freezing in the shade and hot in the sun! (Does anyone else hate that? Like, what are you doing, Mother Nature?? LOL) You really can’t ever go wrong with a minimalist look in neutral colors. My favorite part of this look is her shades. So cool!

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Image Credit: @jessica_rosehayhurst on Instagram

Monochrome suits aren’t only for men. Women wear them well, too! Throw on a suit vest and some linen slacks and see just how sexy you look. 😏

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