Hair Inspiration: 5 Gorgeous Natural Hairstyles for You To Try

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Natural hair is truly magical.

You can get as creative as you want with natural hairstyles. From color to adding hair to heatless and pro-heat styles, there’s really nothing you can’t do with it!

Here are 5 natural hair styles for you to use as inspiration the next time you’re at the salon or bored at home. 


Beaded Bauble Ponies

Source: Pinterest

I think this hairstyle is absolutely adorable. It’s fun and youthful without being too wild or immature. I may be an adult now but I still believe that I’m the type of person that might come home missing some beads after a full day of activity lol!

Look 1: How To Get This Natural Hairstyle With Minimal Damage or Breakage

This look is pretty simple to understand so I won’t take you through a step by step tutorial. But I’m not gonna lie to you…

Bobbles have been known to cause some damage. To hair. To knuckles. To foreheads.

They’re not for the weak.

My best recommendation would be to coat their elastic in an oil like JBCO, almond oil, or a hair grease like this. 

This might cause them to slip and slide in your hair a tiny bit, but I think it’s more important that they aren’t pulling or causing breakage.

SN: what do you call these? I grew up on “bobbles” (which, until I started writing this article, I thought were spelled “baubles”). I’ve also heard balleys and beads.

What are they to you?

The Low Ponytail

Natural hairstyles: a beautiful black woman with her big voluminous curls pulled into a low bun with 3 gold barrettes on her edges
Source: Pinterest

The low pony is a forever fave. Elegant and (relatively) easy to do, it’s a simple way to keep your hair out of your face while still putting your gorgeous voluminous curls on display. 

Look 2: How To Get This Natural Hairstyle With Minimal Damage or Breakage

The easiest way to get this style, for me, is working with damp but NOT wet hair. 

  • I grab my glass spray bottle and give my whole head a nice misting so my hair is hydrated and workable but not dripping wet.
  • I then spray some Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave In Conditioner. It smells SO good and makes my hair super soft.
  • My hair tends to be on the drier side so I’ll either add some organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil or Cantu Curling Cream or both to really lock in the moisture. I wasn’t always a fan of Cantu, and actually refused to use it for years (dramatic lol) but this curling cream is like crack to my hair! And it smells so good that I can’t help but use it regularly!
  • I then use a soft brush to smooth out and move the product through my hair before going in with my edge brush and edge control.
  • The most important thing that I can recommend to reduce breakage is to *not* use a regular hair elastic. Instead, I recommend that you use either a silk hair tie or a silk ribbon to pull your beautiful tresses into a loose but secure pony.

    Regular elastic hair ties tend to catch, pull, and break hair, and it’s really not worth the risk. Silk hair ties feel luxurious, look elegant, and, most importantly, are safe for all hair types.

  • If you’re curious about the jumbo bronze hair barrettes she’s wearing in the photo, she might have gotten those from her local beauty supply store. But if you’re looking to buy something different but similar online, I like these.

Space Buns + Braids

Source: Pinterest

How cute is this look??? I love that it is simple but still looks regal. And the little charms are the perfect touch to make the entire look pop.

Look 3: How To Get This Natural Hairstyle With Minimal Damage or Breakage

Now that I’ve finally found products that work cohesively for me, I typically use the same products as the base for different looks.

(Key word being “cohesively”, because there are a lot of wonderful products out there but they don’t all mix well together!)

Once again, I would start with some water and a blend of my favorite leave in conditioner and curling cream.

Then I’d add this mousse to the mix because it smells incredible and has great hold without making my hair crunchy or flaky. 

I’m pretty old school, so I like to use good ole faithful Jam when braiding my hair. I love it because it smells amazing (I’m super into smells, in case you haven’t noticed) and gives me great hold in *most* temperatures. (My hair is no match for humidity, okayyy?) I use it liberally, so the jumbo size is my wallet (and hair’s) bff.

I then grab some no damage mini scrunchies for my little space buns, clip in some braid jewelry, and that’s it!

Passion Twists

Source: Pinterest

I have never seen a woman look bad with passion twists. Ever. I think they are a gorgeous and easy-to-manage style choice that always looks super feminine with a slight edge.

I love them. I love wearing them. I can’t say enough good things about them. Passion twists for the win!

Look 4: How To Get This Natural Hairstyle With Minimal Damage or Breakage

Pay someone to do them. Lol no, in all honesty, I can’t give any advice here because I am not someone who does braided styles like this on myself.

I have such a deep respect and admiration for people who can sit there and do their own hair for 8+ hours.

My arms give up after 30 minutes.

But while I can’t offer any styling advice on this, I CAN recommend this scalp treatment, which has been a godsend to my itchy, flaky, angry head!

Of course, it smells incredible. But beyond that, I love the fact that it gives me INSTANT relief, and the ingredients are very stimulating! My whole head tingles within seconds of putting this on, and my hair has grown a lot since I started using it, too! 

Now I can’t say for sure if that growth came from this product, or just from the fact that my scalp was finally healthy enough to allow my hair to flourish the way it wants to. Either way, I can’t recommend this scalp treatment enough for all of my itchy-headed queens!

I use it twice a day, which, because it’s a smaller bottle, makes it go quickly. I have to repurchase maybe once a month. But for $8 I’m not trippin about that at all.

Cornrow Leave Out

Source: @jadeeregeent on Instagram

Tried and true, you can never go wrong with a nice cornrow leave out combo.

It cuts down your daily style time while making sure you still look beautiful and put together wherever you go.

Just spend a few minutes each day keeping those edges in check and voila! This is the perfect wake up and go style for vacation or day-to-day.


Now that you have your hairstyle all set, it’s time to pick out a great fit to go with it! Check out some Shop the Look posts you might love here, here, and here.


I’m bored with my hair. What new natural hairstyles can I try?

I’ve been there! Here are 5 simple-to-do natural hairstyles that look gorgeous and are easy to manage.

Can I wear my natural hair in ponytails without causing damage or breakage to my hair?

Yes, it’s definitely possible! I recommend using satin hair ties and no-damage scrunchies like these. Also, give your hair daily breaks. Switch up the placement of your ponytail. If you sleep with a bonnet, leave your hair out underneath. Giving your hair a break from the tension and pulling can help reduce breakage in the long run.

How can I dress my braids up and make them look classy but more unique?

Braid jewelry is a simple and affordable way to add your own elegant and unique flare to your braids or protective style without breaking the bank.

My scalp gets super flaky and makes me feel embarrassed when I wear my hair in braids. What can I do?

I feel you, sis. I’ve been there. I used to hide my hair under hats, wraps, scarves, you name it because I felt so much shame around my dry scalp. This scalp treatment literally CHANGED MY LIFE! I use it twice a day and haven’t had any major build problems. It works instantly, is very stimulating, and it costs less than $10. I highly recommend it!

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