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Trendy Outfits You’ll Fall In Love With

Tap in for your daily street style inspiration and learn how you can recreate some of the outfits I’m loving right now.

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Image Credit: @tatianaelizabethh on Instagram
Image Credit: @tatianaelizabethh on Instagram

Linen is definitely the material for the summer. Breathable, naturally disheveled (so you don’t have to feel embarrassed if it gets *more* wrinkled), and appropriate for any event or setting. I like that Tatiana paired it with a strapless denim sweetheart corset, which is the EXACT opposite vibe of the linen pants. The corset is certainly NOT breathable, materially or structurally LOL, and the denim is a much more urban vibe. The juxtaposition makes this a versatile look for your summer outings.

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Image Credit: @hollymayland on Instagram
Image Credit: @hollymayland on Instagram
Image Credit: @hollymayland on Instagram

I know in these pictures Holly is lounging around the house (and looking absolutely FLAWLESS while doing so!), but I’m a firm believer that the right pair of PJs are totally appropriate to where when out. Idk, maybe it’s the fact that I’m a California and it’s not completely unheard of, or the fact that these PJs look like a well tailored pant suit, but I would wear these while out running errands. Who’s with me?

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Found on Instagram. Model was not tagged.

A simple black strapless dress is always a great summer choice. Pair it with sandals for a daytime look or heels for a night out. Wear it to brunch, Happy Hour, or your BBQ with the gang. I think this would’ve looked nice with a small drop necklace, but I like the clean jewelry-less aesthetic as well.

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Image Credit: @itsishita14 on Instagram

No matter what age I am, I think studded denim jeans is always a trend worth rocking, as long as they don’t OVERdo it on the design. Strategically placed studs can make a basic bottom reach rock star status, and if your jeans are bedazzled, you really don’t have to go over the top with the top. A simple crop top, tee, or button down will work perfectly.

That’s the magic of jeans. Anyone can wear them, and you can wear anything you want with them. You can never go wrong with some denim!

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Image Credit: @elleestblessed on Instagram
Image Credit: @elleestblessed on Instagram

I love how feminine this look is. If you’re someone who prefers more modest outfits, be it for religious services or just your daily schedule, this is a flattering look that will make you feel beautiful without needing to show a ton of skin. (And if you’re someone that loves to show skin, do what works for you, boo! No judgment here!)

The high-waisted maxi skirt is figure-hugging and gut-hiding…a combination that I personally appreciate…and the blouse highlights the beautiful curves of a woman’s figure without being risquΓ© or suggestive. It’s a win-win!

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