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The Importance of Friends That Celebrate You | The CognoZen Method

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We all want to be surrounded by people who celebrate, congratulate, support, and genuinely share in our happiness. It’s human nature for us to yearn for authentic connection and a sense of belonging. But in a world that often emphasizes competition and comparison, it can be challenging to find and build the kinds of uplifting relationships we’re craving.

Jealousy and negativity can show up in our lives in many ways, whether it’s through social media comments, competitive work colleagues, or even our own inner critic. These toxic energies can chip away at our self-esteem, make us doubt whether there’s enough shine/praise/money/success for us all to win, and make it difficult to feel safe truly celebrating our own successes and those of others.

Choosing to intentionally attract and nurture relationships with those who radiate positivity and genuine happiness for others is a powerful act of self-love and empowerment. It’s about creating a safe and supportive space where we can share our joys and vulnerabilities without fear of judgment or comparison.

By surrounding ourselves with a circle of celebration, we amplify our own happiness and create a ripple effect of positivity that extends far beyond ourselves.

Action Steps:

  • Detox Your Timeline: Unfollow social media accounts that promote negativity, envy, blatant hate, or unrealistic comparisons. Actively search for and follow accounts that inspire, uplift, and celebrate kindness and genuine connection.
  • Set Boundaries with Negative Influences: Limit your exposure to people who consistently express jealousy or negativity. Kindly but firmly decline invitations to events or gatherings that you know will be filled with such energy. Shut down conversations that start to turn negative or hateful and redirect them toward positivity and peace.
  • Practice Discernment in New Connections: When meeting new people, pay attention to their energy and how they interact with others. Do they uplift and support those around them, or do they tend to criticize and gossip? Choose to invest your time and energy in relationships that feel authentic and supportive.
  • Be Grateful For The Ones That Already Love You: Take time to appreciate the people in your life who already embody the qualities of celebration and support you appreciate. Express your gratitude for their presence and let them know how much their positive energy means to you. Aim to shower them with the same love and support that they give you. Be the friend that they need, too.
  • Become a Beacon of Positivity: Strive to be the kind of friend or colleague you wish to attract. Celebrate others’ successes genuinely, offer support and encouragement freely, and create a safe space for vulnerability and shared joy. Remember, the energy you radiate is the energy you attract.


“I am worthy of love, support, and celebration. I attract people who uplift me and genuinely want to see me thrive.”

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