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Gift Ideas: 12 Perfumes She’ll Love

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Perfumes and Relationships

One of the best compliments you can get is, “Ooooooooh you smell GOOD!” 

Scent is so powerful. It can either draw people to you or repel them from you.

It can be seductive, energizing, or healing. We all know from personal experience that human beings are more attracted to people that smell good. Ever walked past someone who’s not your normal “type” and felt instantly attracted to them because of the perfume or cologne they were wearing?

We take in one another with all of our working senses, consciously and unconsciously. Scent has the power to directly impact how you relate to other people, and how other people choose to relate to you.

Your scent can linger after you’ve left a room, making you stay on another person’s mind long after you’ve gone. It can become attached to memories, making someone think of you years after you last saw each other just because they smelled something that reminded them of you.

As a matter of fact, memory can play a big role in how someone reacts to the way you smell thanks to our powerful olfactory receptors. So if you wear a perfume that reminds them of what their ex used to wear, they may subconsciously start to either like you or loathe, depending on how they feel about that ex.

Perfumes and Body Chemistry

In my opinion, our scent is as much a part of our identities as our personal style, if not more so.

And because of our unique body chemistry, including our personal skin type and pH levels, our scent is unique to each one of us. We can all put on the same perfume but the smell will differ slightly from person to person.

Perfumes and Mood

It is possible for different perfumes to impact you in different ways emotionally and psychologically.

A whiff of the right blend can instantly boost your mood, confidence, and how you view and feel about yourself. For example, you may feel sexier and more attractive after spraying one perfume, and more peaceful and relaxed after spraying another.

Perfumes I Like Right Now

Here are some perfumes that my friends and I are loving right now. Give them a try and let us know what you’re wearing right now!

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YSL Libre Eau de Parfum Intense

With a warm floral scent, this parfum has key notes of lavender essence, orange blossom, and orchid accord.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Le Parfum

A warm and spicy scent with key notes of white floral bouquet, vanilla quartet, and coffee accord.

BURBERRY Her Elixir Eau de Parfum Intense

A warm floral scent with key notes of dark red berries, jasmine, and vanilla.

Coach LOVE Eau De Parfum

A floral fruity scent with key notes of wild strawberry, red velvet rose, and cedarwood.

ARMANI beauty: Thé Yulong Eau de Toilette

An eau de toilette with aromatic black tea and green tea extracts inspired by the Yulong Mountains of China.

Versace Dylan Turquoise Pour Femme

With the scent of fresh florals, this parfum has key notes of lemon primofiore essence, guava, and musks.

Versace Dylan Turquoise Pour Femme

In the amber gourmand family, this scent has key notes of sugared petals, mandarin, warm berries, creamy vanilla, soft spices, cocoa, sleek woods, warm musks, and tonka beans.

BURBERRY Burberry Goddess Eau de Parfum

Warm and spicy, this scent has key notes of vanilla infusion, vanilla caviar, and vanilla absolute.

Dolce & Gabbana The Only One Eau de Parfum

In the floral family, this scent has key notes of violet, bergamot, coffee, iris, vanilla and patchouli.

La Vie Est Belle Iris Absolu Eau De Parfum

A captivating parfum with an intense concentration of iris, this has key notes of juicy fig, blackcurrant, damascena rose, jasmine sambac, sustainably sourced iris and patchouli.

Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle Eau de Parfum

In the amber family, this parfum has key notes of bergamot, green pear, and vanilla pod.

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