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How I Get Rid Of Anxiety & Regulate My Nervous System In Just 10 Minutes | The CognoZen Method

Keep reading to learn what I do to get rid of anxiety and regulate my nervous system in under 10 minutes.

Let’s call it what it is:

Anxiety is a b*tch.

And a h*e.

And a triflin’ a*s homewrecker.

And during a panic attack, she can make you feel like the sky is falling and the world is ending and your nails are breaking and Chic-fil-a is closing forever, all at once…for absolutely no reason.

Doom. Gloom. Drama. For NO reason.

And it’s not even your fault.

When anxiety starts to creep up, your mind can quickly go rogue. Thinking of the WORST possible outcomes and the WORST possible scenarios, even if there’s nothing that suggests those things might happen.

And when it does, your body starts to have a real chemical response to the imaginary scenarios flying across the projector screen of your mind.

Your heart starts racing.

You start sweating (profusely, if you’re like me).

It gets harder and harder to catch your breath.

You might get a little dizzy and lightheaded. A high you don’t want and are desperate to stop.

Your cortisol levels start raising.

And all you want is to make it STOP.

And maybe your anxiety isn’t that severe.

Maybe you just want to learn how to calm your nerves before a test.

Or a first date with someone you’re REALLY crushing on.

Or that big performance in front of a new crowd.

Whatever your situation may be, I feel confident that this method will work for you.

How I Found This

I discovered the exercises included in The CognoZen Method while I was searching for natural remedies for my gut, which was temporarily destroyed by SIBO, and the paralyzing panic attacks that accompanied it 1 – 3 times a day, every day. (Read more about my story here.)

I was in the depths of depression…

I was too sick to work, so I was constantly stressed about money…

And dealing with chronic nausea, pain, and fatigue so intense I would’ve given anything to make it stop. (And almost did.)

I eventually discovered that there was a direct correlation between my stress levels and the severity of my symptoms.

The more stressed and anxious I felt, the worse my symptoms became. The calmer I felt, the more manageable the symptoms were.

Since I was determined to fight to regain my mental and physical health, I knew that I had to dedicate all of my energy to learning how to regulate my nervous system, stop living in a constant state of fight-or-flight, and reduce the cortisol levels that were making my existing SIBO symptoms so much worse.

The CognoZen Method

CognoZen sessions combine breathwork exercises with brain-stimulating and vagus nerve-activating exercises that help you get out of the Doom Loop in your head and back into your body.

You can try it for free here.

My First CognoZen Session

The first time I did a full CognoZen session I:

  • Felt my heart slow down to a calming pace
  • Felt my lungs expand properly with fresh air for (what felt like) the first time in YEARS
  • Was able to calm my racing mind and focus on what was happening in the present
  • Laughed a lot, because the brain-activating exercises are challenging and I failed MAJORLY the first time
  • Felt SUPER encouraged and motivated because the looping affirmation script really started to set in and I was subconsciously starting to imagine that it might be true

And, most importantly, I felt peace. A feeling that had become foreign to me after so many years of stress, sadness, and sickness.

It felt so good that I decided to do it again. 2 sessions back to back. (They’re only 10 minutes long, so this was nothing.)

If you want to try a session for free, click here.

The Benefits I’ve Had Using CognoZen

1. A Clear Mind Easily Attracts New Ideas & Solutions

CognoZen is a form of moving meditation. And I feel just as inspired and creative after a CognoZen session as I do after sitting and staring at my third eye in silence for 45 minutes.

(Highly recommend both, but CognoZen is more fun for my ADHD brain.)

Each time I do a session, I find that great new ideas flow to me easily.

Whether they’re business ideas or creative ways to tackle a challenge I’ve been facing, the answer always comes within hours, if not minutes, of completing a session.

As a matter of fact, I’ve started to do them before every 90-minute work session so I can feel centered and grounded. I’ve found that I’m far more productive when I do this than when I don’t.

And as someone with ADHD, I’m ALWAYS interested in anything that can help me be more focused and productive, cuz chilleeeeee….

(Except for medication. That’s not a method that works for me. So au naturale methods that work are a godsend!)

And professionally I’ve learned that the more clear-minded and productive I am, the more money I make.

Which is obviously a major win.

2. Healthier Relationships

While I’m focused on work and not interested in the dating scene right now, I’ve seen how much my ability to stay regulated has improved my relationships with my friends and family members.

More Love, More Peace

Conversations that used to turn into fights are now honest discussions that end peacefully with everyone feeling heard, respected, and supported.

Deeper Connections

I feel more connected to the people in my life because I’m more grounded and present when I’m with them. I’m able to focus on what they’re saying and respond accordingly, which makes them feel seen, heard, and valued.

Infinite Self Respect

I communicate and maintain my boundaries easily and consistently now. And I’m so glad (and a little shocked) to say that everyone in my life has adjusted accordingly.

I can feel that others respect me more because of how I honor and respect myself. And since respect is the foundation of love (for me), I feel so much more loved, which makes me want to open up and connect more.

3. More Confidence

Like most of my fellow ADHDers, I’ve always been a hard worker driven by chronic overthinking.

I rarely felt like what I did was “good enough”, even when I knew that it was definitely great!

I was stuck on the hamster wheel of life, always trying to prove my worthiness to myself.

CognoZen sessions help me get off the hamster wheel and tap into my innate value and worthiness.

After 10 minutes of hearing those affirmations loop, I feel like a freaking ROCKSTAR!!!

I feel so

  • limitless
  • unstoppable
  • courageous
  • creative
  • desirable
  • and BAD ASS!

It’s amazing how much of a shift can happen in 10 minutes. Even when I just listen to the affirmations while doing breathwork…and skip the meditative movement exercises… I still come out feeling liberated and limitless.

Again, you don’t have to take my word for it. You can try it for yourself for free here.

The Science Behind How CognoZen Works

“This all sounds well and good, but what’s the science behind how and why this works”, right??

Well, writing all of that out would be a doozy, and make this article so much longer than it already is. So you can watch this quick video which speaks on the science behind how it works. It also includes scientific studies published by respected experts that inspired and support the claims.

YouTube video explaining the science behind how The CognoZen Method works


The CognoZen Method is something that has to be experienced. Just reading about it isn’t enough. And while I may be slightly biased, I am also living proof that it works.

I look the healthiest I ever have in my life.

I feel the healthiest I ever have in my life.

And I haven’t had a single panic attack in almost 3 years, despite the fact that I’ve:

  • Moved to a brand new country where I didn’t speak the language, alone
  • Lost family members in the most unexpected ways
  • Gone through some of the most stressful life changes of my life
  • Am out here dealing with inflation and everything that comes with it, just like everyone else

I wish this peace upon everyone, which is why I want you to give this method a try.

I truly believe that it can transform your life for the better.

And it’s completely free to try, so you have nothing to lose!

Get instant access to the FREE 3-Day CognoZen Challenge to learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind for more wealth, happiness, & success!

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