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Shop The Look #4.1: Classic Elegance – The Timeless Glamour of Long Brown Coats

Source: Pinterest

There is something so sexy about an all-brown ensemble in the fall. Idk why, but it just feels…right.

Earth tones are so grounding and comforting, yet it’s so easy to make them look sophisticated and elegant, depending on the material, cut and design of the garment.

Perfect for a business meeting or a night out, earth tone outfits are always a great choice.

In this first installment of Shop The Look #4 we’ll be focusing on the timeless appeal of the long brown coat.

Are you ready to shop the look?

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Shop Long Brown Coats

The Faux Fur Coat

Shop The Look coat recommendation featuring a gorgeous calf-length faux fur brown coat
Source: Revolve
Why I Recommend This Coat

As a fan of friendly fashion, this faux fur coat gives the same look of elegance and sophistication as an animal fur coat at a fraction of the price and without any cruelty. 

The rich brown color will pair seamlessly with most outfits, and the oversized collar and calf-length hem add a flair of drama that just screams “MONEY”, without breaking the bank.

The oversized bell sleeve completes the look by making arms and hands of all sizes look dainty and utterly feminine. 

This, to me, is a boss b!tch coat. Pair it with long pants, short shorts, cocktail dresses, or jeans. Whatever you choose to wear, this coat will work with it!

The Double Breasted Long Trench Coat

Shop The Look: A woman wearing a sturdy brown knee-length trench coat
Source: Asos
Why I Recommend This Coat

I love this coat! I think the fact that it intentionally has an oversized, almost-baggy feel to it is so fun. It reminds me of how I feel when I borrow my boyfriend’s coats. It swallows me up just a little bit, but not to the point where I look messy.

The puffy sleeves add character and dimension to the look. The design of the large flat pockets Is appealing to the eye, and it’s an added bonus that they look like they can comfortably house everything in my purse and then some (which is no easy feat, believe me). 

Whether you’re wearing a dress with leggings and an ankle boot or some flared jeans with a crop top and skinny heels, this coat will compliment it all.

The Patch Pocket Long Coat

Source: L'Academie
Why I Recommend This Coat

This coat is full of personality. The sturdy material and padded shoulders give it a definite shape that I find to be flattering. I absolutely love the center buttons, and the buttoned cuffs are a nice touch that brings everything together for me. And I’m not much of a patch pocket queen, but these are so well designed that even I want to wear them. 

All in all, this is a great coat for day or night, though I could see myself personally rocking it more during the day as I run errands and attend meetings.

The Coat with Detachable Hem + Sleeves

Why I Recommend This Coat

Yes, you read that right…this coat has a detachable hem and sleeves and I think that is SO unique and cool! Like, what??? Imagine living somewhere where it’s freezing in the morning, but by midday you’re dripping sweat. (Hello, Californians!) All you have to do is detach the sleeves, hem, or both and you have a chic cropped jacket that is physically cooler while still preserving the essence of the look that you originally left the house in.

This jacket combines everything we’ve talked about – faux fur, oversized dimensions, and patch pockets – but totally took it up 3 notches when it came to versatility and uniqueness. It has my vote!

Looking for specific pairing ideas? Check out this article here

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