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Shop The Look #5: 7 ‘Sporty Chic’ Palazzo, Gaucho, & Harem Pants for the Woman on the Go

Updated on December 19, 2023

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Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Welcome to the 2nd installment of Shop The Look #5: Sporty Chic.

In this article we’ll be focusing on the freedom, versatility, and fun prints we can find in harem and palazzo pants.

What I Love About “Sporty Chic” Attire

Comfy. Casual. Chic.

That’s how I like my everyday attire to be.

I want to look cute AND feel free to move however I want to whether I’m shopping for groceries, sitting in traffic, or chasing after my dogs.

I want to feel completely comfortable while still knowing that I look put together enough to catch the attention of the hot guy in the snack section.

There is an art to Sporty Chic. It IS possible to find clothes that aren’t skin tight but still show off your figure in a flattering way. And that’s what we’re focusing on in this post!

Are you ready to Shop The Look?

The Calf-Length Satin Lounge Pant

Shop The Look #5: Pink satin-like calf-length palazzo pants with a drawstring bow
Why I Recommend These

I think these are stunning. I love the blush color, and how the satin material can make this color shimmer and dance in the sunlight. I love the loose comfy fit from top to bottom. Pants like these allow great airflow and are perfect for beach trips, days at the park, or just relaxing at the house. 

I love that they can be dressed down with sandals or flats or dressed up for cocktail night with heels or a cute skinny ankle boot.

The versatility is endless and that’s what makes these pants great! I will definitely be wearing these a lot in the spring and summer months.

But remember that although satin allows for great airflow, it is not water-resistant. To avoid sweat stains, try to stay where it’s shady and breezy as much as possible.

The Wide-Legged High-Waist Stretchy Palazzo Pant

Why I Recommend These

For starters, I love anything in cobalt blue. It is such a vibrant and strong color that really makes a statement when worn.

What I love most about these pants is that these can actually double as athletic pants! You would never know because of how stylish and sleek they are, right?? But it’s true. These are stretchy and ready to be worn with sneakers or heels, to yoga or the mall.

While I probably wouldn’t work out in them, it’s nice to at least have that option, in case there’s a cute guy in yoga class that I want to look good for. 😉

The Jacquard Print Palazzo Pant

Why I Recommend It

I love the jacquard print on these pants. It looks almost tribal and is really interesting to me. I like that these pants are unlined, creating a seamless, fluid experience for the eye and the body. The way these pants flow when you walk is so elegant and reminds me of the graceful gliding of gazelles.

A classy pant with a statement print. Gotta love it.

The Simple Black High Waist Palazzo Pant

Why I Recommend These

There’s not much to say about these black high waist palazzo pants other than the fact that the best thing about them is that they can be worn with pretty much anything.

With minimal style and color, they are a perfect match for tops with bold colors, loud prints, and unique cuts. They can be worn with flats or heels, day or night.

My favorite thing about these pants is how they waterfall down in a straight, clean line from the waistline to hem.

They’re just a nice, simple yet classy pant for all occasions. The fact that they cost less than $15 is a steal.

The Premium Pleated Gaucho Pant

Why I Recommend These

I love rust-colored clothing, and these pants are no exception. Flowy and free, I especially like how the pleats cover every inch of them, even the waistband, in a way that is clean, stylish, and gives the pants character and dimension. And I don’t know why it caught my eye but I think the drawstring bow in the photo makes the pants look dainty and feminine, which I like a lot.

Disclaimer: I’ve never ordered from this company so I can’t vouch for their quality or service, but if you choose to buy these pants, let me know how they turn out!

The Belted Palazzo Trouser with Pockets

Why I Recommend These

The bow belt. It was the bow that sold me.

I like these trousers because they are clean with no frills except for the bow belt. A sleek straight leg pant accented with a fun belt is the perfect balance of sophistication and, well, fun. 

These pants are great for the girl boss who’s ready to make power moves while still celebrating her femininity. 

Pair these with a crop top like in the photo, or a long top tucked in.


What kind of shoes can I wear with palazzo pants?

You can wear whatever kind of shoe you like. Because palazzo pants tend to be long and flowy, your shoes are likely to be mostly covered.  If you’re looking for comfort, you can throw on some flats or sneakers. If you want to dress them up, throw on a heel or ankle boot.

What kind of tops can I wear with palazzo pants?

I love pairing palazzo pants with crop tops, especially if the pants have a cute belt at the top. You can also wear longer shirts and tuck them into the top of your pants. Or you can go the bohemian route and wear a long flowy top that moves with the material of the pants. It really depends on your personal style and preference.

Are palazzo pants and harem pants and gaucho pants the same thing?

They’re very similar, but they are, in fact, different. Palazzo pants typically waterfall down in a straight line from the waistband to the usually-flared hem. Harem pants are loose but they have a tighter cuff around the ankle. Gaucho pants or trousers are typically mid-calf length.

Looking for part 1 of this Sporty Chic series?

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