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Shop The Look #5: Master “Sporty Chic” with Cropped Athletic Jackets

Updated on December 19, 2023

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Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Welcome to the 1st installment of Shop The Look #5: Sporty Chic.

In this article we’ll be focusing on the sexiness and versatility of cropped athletic jackets.

What I Love About “Sporty Chic” Attire

Comfy. Casual. Chic.

That’s how I like my everyday attire to be.

I want to look cute AND feel free to move however I want to whether I’m shopping for groceries, sitting in traffic, or chasing after my dogs.

I want to feel completely comfortable while still knowing that I look put together enough to catch the attention of the hot guy in the snack section.

There is an art to Sporty Chic. It IS possible to find clothes that aren’t skin tight but still show off your figure in a flattering way. And that’s what we’re focusing on in this post!

Are you ready to Shop The Look?

The Cropped Drawstring Pullover

Shop The Look #5: A sporty beige cropped jacket that zips up at the top and has a drawstring waistband
Why I Recommend It

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this jacket. It’s a clever take on a cropped athletic pullover that is sporty and fashion-forward. The fact that it’s 50% cotton means that, even though it’s cropped, I’ll still be warm during a chilly morning run.

My favorite part is the drawstring waistband. I LOVE the character and dimension that it adds to the coat. I like that I can feel sexy with the hint of skin peeking out from under the coat, but still feel covered and comfy on a day when I’m a little bloated. (hellooooo PMS!)

The high collar is an excellent choice because, again, it really do be cold in the morning! I’m the type of person who stays warm as long as my neck, feet, and ears are covered, so the fact that the extra fabric can act as added protection from the wind is a major plus for me.

The zipper really brings the whole look home for me because it gives me options and freedom. High collars can sometimes feel a bit suffocating for me, especially if I’m sweating underneath while working out, so I appreciate having the option to unzip the jacket as much as I want to to get extra air and comfort.

All in all, this design is a 10/10 for me!

The Lightweight Zip Up Jacket

Why I Recommend It

You can really never go wrong with a solid black zip up jacket.

It matches everything. It’s easy to clean. You can wear it everywhere – gym, restaurant, school – and still look presentable. It’s just a good choice.

I like this jacket because it’s lightweight and has a mesh lining, making it breathable and perfect for a sweaty gym sesh or an outdoor workout on a hot day.

The Amethyst Zip Up Dream

Why I Recommend It

Honestly, what I like most about this jacket is the color. Amethyst is such a rich and comforting color that looks great on so many skin tones.  So, to be truthful, I mostly picked this jacket for that reason.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have other perks!

Thumb holes are pretty unnecessary and pointless, but I LOVE THEM! As a fidgety person, I love having extra material to play with absentmindedly. And something it IS good for is keeping the fabric up over my palms while leaving all 5 fingers free to grab things, which gives me extra protection while doing pull ups and lifting heavy weights on the days when I forget my gloves.

I like how form fitting this jacket. It highlights my figure without being skin tight. It allows me to feel sexy, supported, and cinched without being restricted.

And I think outer lining design is flattering without being distracting or too “busy”.

The Drawstring Super-Cropped Jacket

Why I Recommend It

Listen, I truly LOVE me a drawstring crop, okay?? I already explained my reasoning on the last drawstring crop so I won’t repeat myself. 

But what I like about this jacket is that it’s a super crop with big kangaroo pockets. Pockets REALLY come in handy during a workout. Who wants to run or squat with a bag over their shoulder? Not I! So having a place to put my light valuables is convenient and helpful.

I also think the cuffs are super cute. And the fact that it’s made of 100% cotton jersey fabric means I will be nice and toasty in this no matter where I am. 

The Windbreaker Crop Jacket

Why I Recommend It

Windbreakers are the ultimate athletic jacket. Lightweight and aerodynamic, these jackets promote airflow while allowing you to run without being held back by air resistance. They aren’t the warmest jackets, but that’s what makes them great for a heavy sweat sesh. Throw this on if you want breathable extra coverage while cycling or during sprint training or a HIIT workout.

The Textured Permafrost Pullover

Why I Recommend It

I think this jacket is sexy. I love the way the textured material looks and feels. You already know that I love the thumb holes. And I love the length and tight fit.

This jacket is tighter than the others I’ve listed, and that’s because sometimes I like my tops and jackets to feel like a second layer of skin (comfortably, of course). I’m big on focusing on proper form when working out and I sometimes get annoyed when baggy clothes get in the way of me seeing my body alignment.

It’s also annoying when my clothes get bunched up in the equipment, like when I’m doing barbell hip thrusts. Less is sometimes more, and yeah, sometimes tighter is better, for me at least.

But it’s the material that really takes the spotlight. I love how this satin-like fabric catches the light, making me feel like a superstar with every move. It’s also super soft which makes me feel even more comfortable. It’s not the best at hiding pit stains, but if people don’t expect to see sweat in the gym, I’m not sure what they’re thinking.

All in all, this jacket is sick!


Do cropped athletic jackets exist?

Yep, they sure do! And there are plenty of different sizes and materials to choose from. Check out the jackets highlighted in this list for some options and inspiration.

Why would I want to wear a cropped athletic jacket?

Cropped athletic jackets provide extra warmth while still allowing you to have total freedom of movement when working out.  They aren’t restrictive and can be comfortably worn when cycling, running, and lifting.

What sports can I do while wearing a cropped athletic jacket?

Cropped athletic jackets are great for runners, cyclists and spin enthusiasts, weight lifters, gymnasts, dancers, golfers, cheerleaders, figure skaters, rugby, soccer, and basketball players, and more.

You can wear a cropped athletic jacket while doing all sports as long as they aren’t activities that require your arms or torso to be exposed, like pole.

Looking for part 1 of this Sporty Chic series?


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