The CognoZen Column

The CognoZen Column

6 Easy Ways To Brighten Someone’s Day (That Will Make You Happier Too!) | The CognoZen Method

Keep reading to learn 6 easy ways to brighten someone’s day. Life can be tough, but a little kindness can make all...

The CognoZen Column

10 Signs You Might Be Oversharing

Keep reading to learn 10 signs that you might be oversharing. In 9 Ways To Stop Oversharing & How To Deepen Connections...

QuizzesThe CognoZen Column

QUIZ: What’s Your Self Forgiveness IQ Archetype? | The CognoZen Method

Take the quiz to find out what your self forgiveness IQ is. We’ve all made mistakes that we have a hard time...

The CognoZen Column

6 Ways to Increase Your Self Love & Fall Head Over Heels for Yourself

Keep reading to learn 10 ways to fall head over heels for yourself & increase your self love (because you’re totally worth...

QuizzesThe CognoZen Column

Are You An Oversharer? Discover Your Connection Style | Quiz

Take this quiz to learn your sharing style and how you can use it to your benefit. In 9 Ways To Stop...

The CognoZen Column

9 Ways To Stop Oversharing & How To Deepen Connections (Without Draining Anyone)

Keep reading to learn how you can stop oversharing, find your balance, and deepen your connections with people without draining them. Has...

QuizzesThe CognoZen Column

“What Kind Of Support System Do You Need?” Quiz (And How To Build It!) | The CognoZen Method

Take the quiz and find out what kind of support system you need and get tips on how you can make the...

The CognoZen Column

7 Healthy Coping Mechanisms To Overcome Unhealthy Habits

Keep reading to learn 7 healthy coping mechanisms to overcome unhealthy habits. Here’s a universal truth: life is HARD, and we’re all...

QuizzesThe CognoZen Column

What’s Your Failure Response Style? Quiz (And How to Level Up!) | The CognoZen Method

Take the quiz and keep reading to learn what your Failure Response Style is and helpful tips on how you can level...

The CognoZen Column

10 Signs Your BFF is a Keeper (And How to Be One, Too!)

Keep reading to learn the 10 signs your BFF is a keeper, and how you become an incredible BFF, too! Best friends...

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