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QUIZ: What’s Your Self Forgiveness IQ Archetype? | The CognoZen Method

Take the quiz to find out what your self forgiveness IQ is.

We’ve all made mistakes that we have a hard time forgetting about. We’ve all done things that we have a hard time forgiving ourselves for. Like we discussed in 6 Ways To Increase Self Love & Fall Madly In Love With Yourself, we learn by making mistakes, getting back up and trying again.

In order to become the best version of yourself you must learn how to forgive yourself, learn from the past, and move on with peace and wisdom. There’s no point in carrying the burden of guilt and shame when you can use your past as inspiration to create a better future.

Take the quiz to find out your self forgiveness IQ. Then read the results for helpful tips.

The Deep Diver

Deep Divers are the philosophers of the friend group. You’re introspective and analytical, often ruminating on the past to understand your choices and what you could have done differently. You’re curious, thoughtful, and have a knack for digging beneath the surface.

You’re not afraid to ask the tough questions and analyze every angle of a situation, including your own past mistakes. You’re incredibly honest with yourself. Because you’re so committed to your growth you don’t lie to yourself about the role you played in the messy experiences you’ve had.

This self-awareness is a superpower, giving you a deep understanding of your motivations, patterns, and potential for growth.

Perks of Being a Deep Diver

Your ability to self-reflect is like having a built-in GPS for personal development. You’re constantly learning from your experiences, making you a wiser and more mature individual. This introspective nature also makes you a great listener and empathetic friend, as you can truly understand and connect with others on a deeper level. You’re the person people always turn to in troubling times because you always have exactly the advice they need and you deliver it with the grace and clarity of someone twice your age.

The Downside of Diving Too Deep

While your introspective tendencies are a gift, they can also become a bit of a curse. Overthinking is your kryptonite, leading to endless loops of analysis paralysis and self-doubt. It’s easy to get stuck in the past, replaying old scenarios and beating yourself up for perceived mistakes. This can drain your energy, cloud your judgment, and hold you back from moving forward. You may often feel sad, depressed, and ashamed when you really don’t need to. You’re a wonderful person who’s made mistakes and become better for them. You don’t have to punish yourself forever. It’s okay to let yourself off the hook.

Tips for The Deep Diver

  • Set a “Reflection Time Limit”: Instead of letting your thoughts spiral endlessly, set a timer for 15-20 minutes each day for intentional reflection. Once the timer goes off, gently redirect your focus to the present moment. You don’t need to constantly relive the past to remember the lesson. Learn when it’s time to let go.

    If you want to learn how to release guilt and shame, there’s an incredible guided CognoZen “Forgive Yourself” session in the FREE 3 Day CognoZen Challenge. Make sure you check it out!
  • Channel Your Insights into Action: Don’t just think about your past mistakes; use them as fuel for growth. What have you learned? How can you apply those lessons to your current life? Taking action empowers you and transforms your reflections into meaningful change.

    You can’t change the past but you have the power to create the future you desire right now. Stay focused on what matters most. Live in the present.
  • Practice Self-Compassion: I talk about this all the time, and I’ll say it again. Remember, you’re human. Mistakes are inevitable, and everyone has regrets. Instead of beating yourself up, treat yourself with kindness and understanding. Talk to yourself like you would a friend going through a tough time. You deserve your own love and forgiveness.

    Take a moment to read 6 Ways To Increase Self Love & Fall Madly In Love With Yourself for more tips and encouragement.

The Teflon Titan

You easily brush off mistakes, valuing resilience over dwelling. You’re more focused on your next move than what took place before. Your ability to brush off mistakes and move on is a major strength, allowing you to stay positive and keep your momentum going even in the face of adversity. Analysis Paralysis is something you rarely experience. It’s easy for you to stay focused on where you’re headed and go with the flow in life. But be mindful of suppressing emotions that need addressing.

Perks of Being a Teflon Titan

Your “everything happens for a reason” mentality protects you from getting bogged down by negativity. You’re the friend everyone turns to for a pep talk, and your optimistic outlook is infectious. This resilience not only benefits you but also those around you, as your positive energy can uplift an entire room.

The Downside of The Teflon Titan

While your emotional resilience is a valuable asset, it can also be a double-edged sword. Sometimes, your Teflon coating can prevent you from fully processing difficult emotions. You may run from uncomfortable feelings and throw yourself into your work so you can pretend they don’t exist. Suppressing feelings might seem like the easy way out, but it can lead to unresolved emotional baggage that can resurface later in unexpected ways.

Tips for The Teflon Titan

  • Create a “Feelings Vocabulary”: Expand your emotional vocabulary beyond “good” and “bad.” Learning to identify and name specific emotions can help you better understand and process them.

    As a matter of fact, simply identifying the emotion (i.e. “That is frustration) can help neutralize its powerful energy instantly. It takes roughly 90 seconds to process emotions fully. Sometimes all it takes is acknowledgement to get the ball rolling.
  • Schedule “Emotional Check-Ins”: Set aside time each week to check in with yourself and explore your emotions. This could involve journaling, talking to a trusted friend, or simply sitting quietly and observing your inner landscape. Making time for in-depth self-evaluation can ensure you don’t gloss over emotions that need your full attention.
  • “Play” with Your Emotions: Think of your emotions as characters in a movie or a play. Instead of trying to ignore or suppress them, try interacting with them in a playful way. Give them silly names, imagine them having conversations with each other, or even draw them out as cartoons. This can help you detach from the intensity of the emotions and create a safe space to explore them without feeling overwhelmed. Life is better when you laugh your way through it!

The Mindful Mover

You acknowledge the past while remaining focused on the present. Your superpower is growth and learning.

Mindful Movers are the Zen masters of self-improvement. You possess a remarkable ability to acknowledge the past without getting stuck in it. You embrace mistakes as valuable lessons, using them to fuel your personal growth journey. Your focus on the present moment allows you to make intentional choices and live a life aligned with your values.

Perks of Being a Mindful Mover

Your balanced approach to the past, present, and future allows you to move through life with grace and wisdom. You’re not weighed down by regrets or anxieties about the future. Instead, you’re grounded in the present moment, which enables you to appreciate the simple joys of life and cultivate a deep sense of gratitude.

The Downside of The Mindful Mover

While your forward-thinking nature is a strength, it can sometimes lead to a tendency to rush through experiences. You might be so focused on growth and learning that you forget to savor the journey. It’s important to slow down occasionally and appreciate the present moment, even if it’s not perfect. Life is meant to be experienced in all of its beautiful messy glory. Don’t be so focused on the finish line that you forget to enjoy the race.

Tips for The Mindful Mover

  • Create a “Pause Button Playlist”: Curate a playlist of songs that instantly ground you and bring you back to the present moment. These could be calming instrumentals, nature sounds, or songs with lyrics that inspire mindfulness. Whenever you feel yourself getting caught up in the rush of life, hit play and take a few minutes to breathe, relax, and simply be.
  • Practice “Micro-Moments of Gratitude”: Instead of waiting for designated gratitude practices, weave small moments of appreciation into your daily routine. Set an alarm notification every hour to stop and list 5 things that you’re grateful for. You can do this as many times a day as you like. Notice the warmth of the sun on your skin, the taste of your morning coffee, or the sound of birds chirping. These micro-moments can help you develop a deeper sense of presence and gratitude throughout your day.
  • Embrace “The Art of Doing Nothing”: Schedule regular “do-nothing” time into your calendar. This could be 15 minutes of staring out the window, lying in the grass, or simply sitting in silence. You could do an intentional meditation practice, or you can just consider it to be down time where you let your mind roam. The goal is to release the need to be constantly productive and allow yourself to simply be present without any agenda or expectations.

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