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Why Do We Question Our Worthiness & How To Shift This Mindset? | The CognoZen Method

If you want to learn how to shift your mindset from “I’m Not Good Enough” To “I Am Worthy”, keep reading. This article may contain affiliate links. By clicking the links you are supporting this blog, so thanks!

Welcome to Part 1 of the series on how to shift your mindset from “I’m Not Good Enough” To “I Am Worthy”.

If you’re feeling like you’re “not good enough” at the moment, don’t worry. We’ve all been there.

We’ve all questioned our skills, abilities, talents, and looks at one point or another.

We’ve all looked at photoshopped and filtered photos and wondered “Is my body good enough? Am I thick/skinny enough for people to find me attractive?”

We’ve all read posts about our friends’ new promotions and business wins and thought, “Am I working hard enough? Am I falling behind? How the heck did they make $1,000,000 in 2 days????”

And we’ve all seen those flawless engagement shoots and perfect family photos with laughing babies that (seemingly) never cry, poop, or puke and asked ourselves, “Omg…am I going to be alone forever? What’s wrong with me? Why doesn’t anyone love me???”

Yeah…I’m pretty sure social media makes us all question our worthiness at least once a week, if not more.

Why Do We Question Our Worthiness?

Believe it or not, comparing ourselves to others is natural. Competitiveness is a survival instinct that we probably inherited from our ancestors. 

The stronger, faster, and smarter we are, the more likely we are to survive.

The more people find us physically attractive and likable, the higher the chances of them wanting to protect, support, and take care of us.

The problem is that marketers use wording and tactics that use our competitive nature against us. 

Because modern technology and inventions have made it pretty easy for us to survive on our own in most scenarios, the marketing messaging is no longer about survival. It’s about worthiness.

They train us to compare ourselves to other people and convince us that, if we don’t “match up” in some imaginary way, that means we “aren’t worthy.”

This belief and mindset can negatively impact your happiness and quality of life. For example:

Instead of viewing failure as an opportunity to learn, grow, and try something different, you might view it as a sign that you are unworthy of love, support, or success.

Instead of loving your body as it is and being grateful for how it’s carried you through every day of your life, you may view your weight, curves, or lack thereof (hello my fellow Itty Bitty Committee members!) as the reason you’re unworthy of love and “no one will ever find you attractive”.

But I have some good news for you!!


Step #1: Understanding That You Are Inherently Worthy, Just Because You Exist

The first and most important thing for you to do (i.m.o.) is understand that you are inherently worthy just because you exist.

Yep. Full stop. There is nothing MORE that you have to do to be worthy.

The fact that you are breathing and existing on earth is a sign that you are worthy enough to be here.

Think about it for a second:

Do you ever look at a bird and think, “What have they done lately that makes them worthy of food, shelter, love, and protection?”

How about a rabbit? Or a deer? Heck, even the ants that march in perfect order as they steal the crumb you absentmindedly dropped while eating your fave grilled cheese?

Have you ever looked at a tree and questioned its worthiness?

How about a blade of grass?

When you see a beautiful flower and smile, do you ever ask yourself, “Is this flower worthy of my smile? Does it deserve to be here?”

No, you don’t…right? 

(I mean, I hope not. But no judgment if you do. That’s your bizness.)

You watch the birds fly…

Rabbits hop…

Deers graze…

Ants crawl…

Trees and grass dance in the wind…

And flowers stretch their beautiful petals to the sun…

And you accept them exactly as they are.

You might admire them. You might watch them. Or you might even totally ignore them.

But you never question their worthiness.

You don’t expect anything from them. Or need them to do anything in order to give them attention, water, or even a snack.

They just exist, and you embrace and maybe even celebrate it.

So why don’t you view yourself the same way?

You, a human being who has done kind things for people in their times of great need.

Whose kind words brightened someone’s darkest day.

Whose brilliant brain constantly comes up with solutions to problems to survive from day to day.

You, who loves, supports, teaches, guides, protects, uplifts, and helps regularly.

You, who someone somewhere loves, cherishes, adores, and can’t imagine living without.

Are you not as worthy as a bird?

My answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!

So the next time you’re doubting yourself and beating yourself up for not looking/having/living an influencer “perfect” life, remember:

You are inherently worthy and enough exactly as you are.

And nothing could ever change that.

Tools To Help You Train Your Brain To Believe You’re Worthy

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